Over a month since my last post and i’m going to blame it on the fact that it is impossibly difficult to type any speed with only one hand, yes, spoiler alert, my left hand is temporarily out of order. 

I’m writing this from a very different point this time around. I usually sneak in an update post on a rare off day when I cant move to get out of bed, and I suppose that still stands true. This time I’m not bedridden from exhaustion but more because I’ve been trapped in a hospital bed up in Seoul post finger surgery. In my match on February 25th, silly me went up wrong to block a tight joust ball and ended up with an opponent’s fist swinging full strength into a finger of mine, jamming it to a full fracture. Ouchy mama. Somehow managed to finish the next 3 sets but then rushed to the hospital to get the diagnosis, a gnarly fracture in my left ring finger, no surprise after looking down after it happened to see that little guy 3x the size black and blue, and leaning a bit too far to the left.


I got surgery the next day (happy 23rd birthday to meeee), inserting 3 pins in to set the bones and am already on the road to recovery. Sucks, but boy am I glad it is not more serious, and even thankful it was my left hand. Cause Lord help the foreign soul that has to use chopsticks left-handed for a bite to eat around here.

All positivity aside, it really was a blow to what was shaping up to be as successful a season as I could imagine. Round 5 started after my last post and the wins and confident play continued, I even managed to be named league MVP for the second time!! We were 1 win from clinching the regular season championship and have less than 3 weeks till the big kahuna of playoffs, the KOVO Finals.


But unfortunately, the final Round 6 was off to a brutal start with a surprise loss then my finger injury. Being the main scorer and 60% of the offense, things looked gloomy. But if there is one thing I have learned here is that it takes incredible strength to thrive in this league, and there is no better example to that then my teammates. These girls live this life of training year round, since they first pick up the sport, and handle tough situations with grace and a smile on their face at the end of the day. So they faced the crisis ahead head-on and went to win our next game miracle style! So IBK was named champions and the celebrations began. But it broke my heart that I could only watch from my hospital bed and not be there to hoist the trophy, and my head coach 😉


Well a month ago all I wanted was a break from such intense practice, and that is exactly what I got…a resting break, but a finger break, and quite a bit of heartbreak.

I am not sure what is next for me now, as there is no prediction when bones will heal up, but I only hope it happens quickly 🙂 IBK has a finals championship to win.