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December 2015

Rookie Rewind


Getting ready to ring in 2016 here in Korea and it has been wild to look back on all the memories of 2015. ย I graduated from the University of Illinois and parted ways with what was my home and my bubble of a worldย for 4 years. ย And quite the adventure it has been.

Flashback to last January. After I rang in the new year with my friends and family, I was told to be ready to leave any day for Puerto Rico after signing my first professional contract with the Valencianas de Juncos. Continue reading “Rookie Rewind”


Ho Ho Ho from the Ko!

Well well well another month in the books! Volleyball has been trucking along, and we just ended Round 3ย of games this season, and we are sitting at a solid 2nd place in the league! Continue reading “Ho Ho Ho from the Ko!”

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