Hiya strangers!

My blog posts have become just as barren as the trees with winter approaching. My apologies! Lots going on in this head of mine and haven’t gotten the chance to organize my thoughts for you folks.

Lets just say I’ve moved from the grind that was preseason to the grind that is season very, very quickly. There are times that our schedule packs 3 games into a week and then there are times when we go over a week without a game. Trust me, I have quite a few questions for whoever came up with this game schedule. Either way, my daily routine is still as busy as ever…the entire month of October resulted in only 2 off days for me and my teammates. I’m going to go ahead and repeat that in case you missed it: the entire month of October resulted in only 2 rest days for me and my teammates. Craziness.

So here is the lowdown on season: there are 6 teams in the league, and we play each other 6 times, breaking the season up into 6 rounds, we are already wrapping up round 2! The first round was up and down for every team, as we are all trying to figure out our identity and chemistry. The rankings are based off of points, like many other leagues, where a 3 set or 4 set win is worth 3 points, a 5 set win is 2 points, and a 5 set loss is 1 point. We ended 1st round in 4th place, with a 2-3 record. Can’t say anyone was thrilled about that result, but hey plenty of room to move on up! I’m going to do my best to post updates on my games and any highlight videos I can find on this facebook page: Liz McMahon Volleyball Facebook


Halloween passed by, which for those wondering, there are some areas that do celebrate it by dressing up and going to the bars, but it’s certainly not a celebration like back at home with haunted houses, kids trick or treating, etc. I had a game on Halloween, so I didn’t miss out on much anyway, but it was a very special day because my dad landed in Korea! I cannot explain how great it was to get a genuine papa bear hug after 3.5 months. I had my first visitor stay with me for 10 days, and it was so nice to have his company, as well as all the treats from home that accompanied him…huge shoutout to Pa for packing all his things in a carry on and letting mom stuff 2 suitcases of goodies for me 😉 All though it seemed like all I did was practice while he was here, we did have an off day where I got to take him on a mini tour of Seoul and I loved showing him what my life was like here in Korea. He handled the culture shocks like a champ, and my coaches and team loved him; for his happy energy, and his jokes nobody understood, and also his attempts at Korean, which were adorable. Next up is Momma coming mid December for Christmas and I’m so freaking excited.

I’ve come to terms that this experience is a roller coaster of emotions, all depending on factors I may or may not have control of. With games, tensions are high, and if we win, the atmosphere is glorious and if we lose it’s really not fun. We started second round with 3 straight sweeps and life was good- great even. The team was positive, practices had good vibes and I was happy. After our 3rd win, we even got 2 full days off! That was the first time in all 5 years of our club existing that our coach gave 2 days off during season- and we deserved every bit of it. Our two captains had to beg a little bit and I was called in to reinforce our dire need of a break by giving head coach a hug. Can’t say he liked it, but you gotta do what you gotta do. But those 2 off days flew by and went back to 9 straight days of practice before our next games. We finished 2nd round with 2 losses in a row, and so just like that the bliss was over and we found ourselves fighting to find a positive environment. Well, we are still learning a lot as a team and I am still confident we have all the pieces to make a strong run to the Championship come March, we are currently in 2nd place at 5-5, which just shows how competitive the teams are this year, there really are no easy games.


With each high I’ve learned to soak it in and enjoy the happy times and with each low I’ve learned to find the lesson in it and move on up as quickly as I can. I will say that no matter how this roller coaster ride is going, I am forever thinking about my friends and family back home and will never be able to tell you guys enough how much I miss you. I’ll tell you one thing is for sure, living so far away all by yourself reminds me how special the relationships I have mean to me.

So it’s only fitting that I end this post with a whole lot of thanks. Thanks for anyone and everyone who has kept me in their thoughts or prayers and sent good vibes my way, and especially those who have reached out to me, your words of encouragement mean more that you know. I am thankful for you all. I am thankful that I have people and a loving home to miss. I’m thankful that I am able to continue playing volleyball and make a living at it. I’m thankful for my 2 cats at home that probably have no idea I’m even gone. I am thankful that me and all my loved ones are safe, and healthy. And yes, I’m still thankful that I ended up in Korea, because with this journey I have no choice but to learn new lessons.

So this Thanksgiving Day, say hello to America for me and go back for seconds and thirds on that turkey dinner. And I’ll redeem my rain-check for pumpkin pie in only 4 more months. This holiday has come with perfect timing, as I have been working to find more gratitude not only on this fourth Thursday of November, but in every other ordinary day too.

Much love homies xox