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Preseason of Perks & Quirks

So I blinked and 2 months have gone by since leaving the homeland. And although now I feel like I don’t need this blog as an outlet for me, I know a few of you have been wondering what I’m up to.  So here are some words and lots of pictures to try and capture the whirlwind of laughs and silly struggles that keep me going between preseason training sessions.  Continue reading “Preseason of Perks & Quirks”


Revived, Revamped, & READY

4 months of blog vacancy, oops!

So what have I been up to all of Summa ’16? I am so happy to say that I have had my first summer that was school, practice and job free. And it came at the perfect time too, allowing myself to have the ultimate recharge after my first heavy and long season abroad in Korea.  The only responsibility I had this summer was to recover physically, mentally and emotionally to a place where I then could make the strides needed to be ready next journey ahead of me!

Continue reading “Revived, Revamped, & READY”

soooo, how was it?


I’m sitting here thinking of all the scenarios that are about happen when I run into people and friends back home and they ask “so, how was Korea?”

And honestly, I really can’t wait to see what the first answer that pops out of my mouth will be.

Continue reading “soooo, how was it?”

A Break

Over a month since my last post and i’m going to blame it on the fact that it is impossibly difficult to type any speed with only one hand, yes, spoiler alert, my left hand is temporarily out of order.  Continue reading “A Break”

Level Up

Quick update on my life: ready go!

The first month of the year brought a couple firsts for me. The biggest one being that my team is now in First Place!!! Yeeeee. We’re currently streaking 10 straight wins and can’t wait to see where we go from here! Continue reading “Level Up”

Rookie Rewind


Getting ready to ring in 2016 here in Korea and it has been wild to look back on all the memories of 2015.  I graduated from the University of Illinois and parted ways with what was my home and my bubble of a world for 4 years.  And quite the adventure it has been.

Flashback to last January. After I rang in the new year with my friends and family, I was told to be ready to leave any day for Puerto Rico after signing my first professional contract with the Valencianas de Juncos. Continue reading “Rookie Rewind”

Ho Ho Ho from the Ko!

Well well well another month in the books! Volleyball has been trucking along, and we just ended Round 3 of games this season, and we are sitting at a solid 2nd place in the league! Continue reading “Ho Ho Ho from the Ko!”

Halfway Home

Hiya strangers!

My blog posts have become just as barren as the trees with winter approaching. My apologies! Lots going on in this head of mine and haven’t gotten the chance to organize my thoughts for you folks.

Continue reading “Halfway Home”

Growth vs. Change

Let’s be real here.

I’ve been unbelievably blessed thus far in my life, and especially in my volleyball career. I’ve been given gifts beyond measure and so many opportunities to refine those gifts. Continue reading “Growth vs. Change”

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